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Camp Med Panel 2024
UNC MD/PhD Students (L to R): Kevin Field (GMB), Rachelle Ambroise (BCB), Tooba Rashid (BCB), Matthew Sutcliffe (BCB), and Nehemiah Stewart (PHCO)

The UNC Department of Genetics joined together with the Department of Pharmacology, the Curriculum in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB), the Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology (GMB), and the UNC Office of Rural Initiatives to participate in a day of community outreach with “Camp Med” on Thursday, June 20. This event welcomed groups of students to the UNC campus from Camp Med Chatham County to learn about medical school, graduate school, and career opportunities. Students were welcomed by UNC Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and Genetics and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Services Manager John Cornett, Pharmacology Graduate Student Services Manager April Villanueva, and Assistant Director, Office of Rural Initiatives Nicole Cornett. The event included a lunch panel with MD/PhD graduate students from GMB (Kevin Field), BCB (Rachelle Ambroise, Tooba Rashid, and Matthew Sutcliffe), and PHCO (Nehemiah Stewart) discussing their journeys to UNC and what it means to be an MD/PhD student at UNC.

Thank you to all the UNC Faculty, Graduate Students, and Staff who participated in this community outreach event!

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