The BCB Curriculum is supported and administered by the Carolina Center for Genome Sciences.  Below is a list of key personnel and committees responsible for oversight and management of day-to-day operations for the Curriculum:

Program DirectorTim Elston, PhD
4092 Genetic Medicine Building; CB 7365; 919-843-7670

Associate Program DirectorWill Valdar, PhD
5113 Genetic Medicine Building; CB 7264; 919-843-2833

Program Administrator/Student Services Manager – John Cornett
5009 Genetic Medicine Building; CB 7264; 919-962-4728

Executive Committee

  • Tim Elston, Chair
  • Terry Furey
  • Alain Laederach
  • Will Valdar
  • John Cornett

Admissions Committee

  • Terry Furey, Chair

Curriculum Committee

  • Will Valdar, Chair
  • Brian Kuhlman
  • Praveen Sethupathy

Advisory Committee

  • Terry Magnuson
  • Bill Marzluff
  • Bruce Carney
  • Jan Prins
  • Pat Sullivan
  • Greg Forest
  • Jeff Dangl