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Below is a list of key personnel and committees responsible for oversight and management of day-to-day operations for the Curriculum:

Program DirectorWill Valdar, PhD
5113 Genetic Medicine Building; CB 7264; 919-843-2833

Associate Program DirectorTim Elston, PhD
411-010B Mary Ellen Jones Building, CB 7365; 919-843-7670

Program Administrator/Student Services Manager – John Cornett
5009 Genetic Medicine Building; CB 7264; 919-962-4728

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee establishes program policies and evaluates new faculty applicants. It consists of the Director of Graduate Studies, the Deputy Director, the Student Services Administrator, three faculty, and three student representatives:

  • Amy Gladfelter, PhD, Professor of Biology
  • Boyce Griffith, PhD, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Natalie Stanley, PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Jason Stein, PhD, Associate Professor of Genetics and Neurobiology
  • Current students: John Patrick Flores, Haeun (Hannah) Hwangbo, Ellen Risemberg, Logan Whitehouse.

Matters that involve specific students or personnel, including students for training grant appointments and ruling on request for exemptions for BCB policies, are handled by the Executive Committee, which is the Steering Committee without the student representatives,