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All first year BBSP students, including those interested in joining BCB, must complete three laboratory rotations before selecting a thesis advisor or advisor team. (“Advisor team” refers to when a student is co-advised by two faculty, a situation that arises through a) a natural collaboration between two faculty with intersecting interests, or b) necessity to satisfy BCB’s ABC mentoring rules; a “lab rotation” may therefore include situations where the student is physically located in one lab, or swaps between two labs, and is mentored by two collaborating advisors.) Each laboratory rotation is essentially a way for the student to preview what it would be like being mentored by a given advisor/advisor team and for the advisor/advisor team to preview what it would be like to mentor the student. ¬†At the end of the third rotation, each student must identify a thesis advisor/advisor team and a PhD curriculum from which they will receive a degree. For a recently updated list of BCB faculty and descriptions of their research interests, go to the faculty directory.