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All BCB students are required to complete three laboratory rotations before selecting a thesis advisor. These rotations will take place within the administrative structure of the joint first-year program (BBSP) such that all three rotations will be completed by the end of the second semester. The rotation selection process must be done in consultation with the assigned first-year advisor and the Student Progression Director. Students are advised to conduct at least five interviews with potential rotation advisors among BCB core and resource faculty. At the end of the third rotation, each student must identify a thesis advisor and home department/curriculum from which they will receive a degree. For a complete list of BCB faculty and descriptions of their research interests, go to the faculty directory.

Students who commit to joining BCB will then select a thesis committee in consultation with their advisors and the Student Progression Director. The committee consists of at least five members, three of whom must be BCB faculty. For more details, click here. The thesis committee chair must be a BCB faculty member, but cannot be the thesis advisor/mentor in order to prevent possible conflicts of interest. Annual committee meetings are to be held starting in the fall semester of the third year to ensure that sufficient progress is being made to complete the dissertation within five years. Students are required to present an oral progress report at each meeting, followed by a discussion of goals for the following year.