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Students in the BCB PhD curriculum are guaranteed financial support (tuition, stipend, healthcare) throughout their training. In their first year, as BBSP students, this support comes from the BBSP umbrella program. Once they join BCB officially, they are supported by their PhD mentor(s), with this support typically underwritten by the department(s) of those mentors. In the rare event that financial support is no longer available, the BCB program will seek to move a student to a lab with funding.

Although there is no requirement for students to find additional support, students are strongly encouraged to apply for funding such as fellowships (eligibility permitting) as a way both to ease the financial burden on their home lab and to benefit their own careers. Note: most fellowships are highly competitive, and so getting one looks good on your CV.

Types of fellowships include:

  • Training grant fellowships on the BCB T32 grant (details here and here).
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships.
  • Department of Defense (DOD) Graduate Research Fellowships.
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) F30 (MD/PhD) or F31 (PhD) fellowships — see individual NIH institute webpages for details.
  • Private foundation fellowships.