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Living in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is a great town, especially for students. The town has a population of 59,000, and UNC students (64 percent undergrads, 29 percent grads, 7 percent professional programs) account for 24,000 of that total. Because of the predominant student presence, the social and cultural life reflects the tastes of those students. There are numerous inexpensive and fun eateries in downtown Chapel Hill and the surrounding area. There are 9 bookstores in Chapel Hill for browsing. Chapel Hill is considered very “livable”, meaning that finding information and getting places is relatively easy. Public transportation is free (in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area), and there is regional public transit that connects the campus with other parts of town and the nearby cities of Durham and Raleigh. Listed below are several links that provide specific information about the area.

Chapel Hill Links