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Information for 2023-2024

For new faculty: For recruiting BBSP students for rotations, read over the For Faculty page of the BBSP, including “How BBSP works for faculty”, “Setting up Rotations”, “Expectations for a Rotation”, “Feedback Meetings with Students”, and “Rotation Grades”.

Faculty looking to recruit BCB-oriented BBSP first year students into lab rotations can advertise in (at least) the following ways:

  1. Place a rotation ad on the first year rotation forum;
  2. Participate in the BBSP poster sessions occurring in the week immediately prior to fall semester;
  3. Give a talk at the fall BCB colloquium, which is attended by all BCB-interested BBSP first years.

These are described in more detail below. [For more info about rotations in general, including the rotation schedule, visit the BBSP rotations website].

1. BBSP Rotation Ads

The BBSP has a forum section for placing rotation ads. (Go to this post and reply in the thread.)

2. BBSP Faculty Poster Session

These two poster sessions are held by BBSP: Tuesday, August 15: 1:30pm-2:30pm & 2:45pm-4pm.

2. BCB Colloquium Fall Faculty Talks

The BCB Colloquium is a 1-hour seminar series held on Monday afternoons during semester time (see schedule). In the Fall, seminars are predominantly by BCB faculty seeking to recruit students into their labs. The format is typically a research talk, although the exact format is up to the speaker, and the hour is typically shared between two faculty members, who get 30 minutes each.

If you are a BCB faculty member interested in taking on new students and would like to present at the upcoming BCB Colloquia, please contact John Cornett <>, who can tell you what dates are available and book you in.  Limited dates are available.