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Information for 2020-2021

Faculty looking to recruit BCB-oriented BBSP first year students into lab rotations can advertise in (at least) the following ways:

  1. Place a rotation ad on the first year rotation forum;
  2. Participate in the virtual poster sessions occurring in the weeks immediately prior to fall semester;
  3. Give a talk at the fall BCB colloquium, which is attended by all BCB-interested BBSP first years.

These are described in more detail below. [For more info about rotations in general, including the rotation schedule, visit the BBSP rotations website].

1. Rotation Ads

The BBSP Sakai site has a forum section for placing rotation ads. (Go to / BBSP Forums / Rotation Opportunities and find the appropriate year.) These ads include a title, a text body that can include links, and optional attachments. To make your ad more distinguishable and informative, consider doing any or all of the following:

  • Include a link to a video of you talking about the rotation project(s), or else other relevant videos. Short videos (1-3 minutes) can be included directly on the site via Warpwire by contacting the site administrator, Dave McDonald <>.
  • Include links to your lab website, etc.
  • Attach a pdf poster or slides relevant to your lab.
  • Add to the end of your ad’s title the tag #bcb (eg, Bloggs Lab: Computational Analysis of the Starfish Proteome – #bcb ) so students can more easily identify a BCB-relevant rotation project.

2. Virtual Poster Session / Faculty Office Hours

Prior to the start of the fall 2020 semester, BCB is organizing a set of virtual faculty office hours for incoming first year students who are seeking rotation opportunities to interact with faculty who are offering them. These will be hours set aside in the schedule that students can speak to participating faculty about rotation projects via faculty-specific zoom links. The planned sessions are as follows:

  • Thu July 30 at 2-3pm
  • Fri July 31 at 2-3pm
  • Tues Aug 4 at 2-3pm
  • Thu Aug 6 at 2-3pm
If you are interested in signing up for some or all of these sessions then please send the following information to John Cornett <>:
  1. Time/date of session
  2. A suitable zoom invitation, including passcode information. (Note, you may want to adjust the “waiting room” feature to your tastes.)
  3. (Optional) The onyen under which your rotation ads are posted. This is to help students quickly find your ad(s) on the rotation forum.

Note that these sessions are of course in addition to anything that you set up with students on an individual basis.

3. BCB Colloquium Fall Faculty Talks

The BCB Colloquium is a 1-hour seminar series held on Monday afternoons during semester time (see schedule). In the Fall, seminars are predominantly by BCB faculty seeking to recruit students into their labs. The format is typically a research talk, although the exact format is up to the speaker, and the hour is typically shared between two faculty members, who get 30 minutes each.

If you are a BCB faculty member interested in taking on new students and would like to present at the upcoming BCB Colloquia, please contact John Cornett <>, who can tell you what dates are available and book you in.  Limited dates are available.