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The UNC Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Curriculum cares about our students.  The following links provide important resources and vital policy information.  If any student needs assistance or a safe place to find guidance, please feel free to contact our BCB offices.  Your information will be treated as confidential.


UNC Graduate School

UNC Graduate and Professional Student Federation Resources

Travel Funding

BCB provides a one-time travel allowance to each student. Please contact Cara Marlow for details. Additional travel awards include:

Diversity and Inclusiveness

UNC and BCB value diversity in its many forms. Organizations that provide support, services, and fellowship to various groups are listed below.

Mental Heath Resources

Graduate school is a time of increased stress and pressure that is sustained over a long period of time.  Many students find that they need additional support to manage the stress. UNC has resources available to help you manage these stresses.

Harassment and Discrimination Policies

All members of the BCB community are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  No one’s words or actions should make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.  The formal policies concerning professional conduct and harassment at UNC Chapel Hill are described in the documents linked below:

Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Options and Resources

If you’ve experienced interactions at UNC Chapel Hill that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, consider speaking to someone about the incident(s).  UNC Chapel Hill has a variety of reporting options available, see the list below for links.  Some options allow anonymous reporting in which you don’t need to disclose your own identity. Other options, such as speaking to  The Carolina Women’s Center is a good resource for you to ask questions about the different reporting options so you can make an informed choice. Please note that Directors of Graduate Studies and Chairs of departments are classified as “responsible employees” and are required to report incidents to the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office. These reports include the names of individuals involved.